By crikey it was cold last night. It was quite a while before we reached sunlight this morning and my fingers were going numb until then. Becks Meadow was a welcome site. After all the desert and grit I was so glad to finally see miles and miles of lush green grass. We skirted the edge of it and made it to the famous swallow nest bridge over South Fork Kern River where Old Corpus was filling his bottles.

It was a long gentle climb into Cow Canyon and the shade. It was somewhere in here that we lost the path. We trudged up a dusty slope where people had clearly been but it was too steep to be the official PCT. Eventually we hit the path and had to watch for foot steps to workout the direction of travel. We stopped for lunch and not long after that I saw something uphead jump onto a tree trunk. We froze and watched intently until the bear, about the size of a big arm chair, jumped back down and bounded off to the left

Kennedy Meadows to Crabtree Meadows

June 6 - June 9 2007