Most of the day was on the JMT as it wound up through dense forest, past Cathedral Lakes and a number of the big imposing granite domes that are the hallmark of Yosemite. With only a small day pack I was making great time and came to the Sunrise Meadow area fairly early. I hadn’t seen anyone yet and the place was so serene. No clouds to mention, rolling granite hills with assorted pine varieties and only me there to witness it. Me and about 3 million mosquitos

Tuolumne Meadows to Yosemite

At Cloud’s Rest the summit route from the north is just scrambling over rocks. I got to the top and spent a long time staring down the majestic Yosemite Valley. I’ve been there three times before, summiting Half Dome twice but I’ve never seen it from above like this. The valley looks so much steeper and more dramatic from up there removed from it all. I stayed long enough to take some photos and eat a snickers bar then I gingerly made my way down the incredibly steep steps on the southern end, kudos to the trail engineers who did that.

June 16th 2007